Fifth grade

Fifth Grade!
Art vs. Craft

Throughout the year, students will  develop a greater understanding of the definition of both art and craft through a variety of art units.  Using this knowledge, projects throughout the year will be discussed, debated, and assessed through the view of art vs. craft. Curricular ties to Colonial American studies and crafts will enhance art connections to classroom learning. 

Understanding the importance of good craft to create a successful artistic piece will add to our year long exploration and debate on art vs. craft
Learn about Printmaking
Fifth grade students will learn the craft of printmaking from creating a printing plate to proper use of a brayer and aligning a print.  

Art Meets Science
Students were inspired by their classroom science study of the moon to learn about value and shading to turn circles into colorful planet form spheres.  Blending and shading techniques in pastels helped students to achieve their form effects.
planet     planets‚Äč

Art and Social Studies: Colonial Crafts: Weaving and more