First Grade

First Grade
People and Places In Art

First Grade students will be explore the elements of art using a variety of art media and techniques. Students will learn about people and places in art as we look at various artists throughout time.  We will look at different ways people are depicted in art, study portraits, and proportions.  

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Students read 'Tar Beach' by Faith Ringgold and connected art and place.  Students connected where we live with how that can inspire us to create art.

Students learned about portraits by looking at  Egyptian masks and sculptures. First Graders then worked to create their own self-portrait.

Figures in Art
First Grade studied proportions of the human figure and then created and assembled their own "Frankie ' based on the book, 'Happy Birthday Frankie' by Sarah Weeks and Warren Linn.  Students then created environments for their 'Frankies' to live in and presented their work to the class.

Let's Invent!
As we move in time to more Modern Art, What can we learn about art and invention?

Where is Art? Everywhere!
Students will connect their own art to art of famous artists throughout time.  Sculpture by Louise Nevelson, paintings by Jasper Johns and illustrations by Roger Tory Peterson are just a few examples.  We will examine different media from paint to clay as we explore these artist.  
Students will explore safe use of materials as well as how to present and respond to these works of art.