Third Grade

Third Grade

This year students will be explore the elementsof art with a focus on COLOR! using a variety of artmedia and techniques. Students will celebrate and learn about a variety ofartists.  In addition our Chester artprogram will begin to incorporate the new National Core Art Standardswhich focus on Creating, Presenting, Responding, and Connecting.  These standardsalign with the Common Core Standards as well as college and career ready 21stcentury learning goals.

Our Year in Art

Students will begin the year with an introduction to how different artists have used color.  We will use Artist Statement journals to explore our own thoughts and inspirations about color.
And throughout our Year...
  Warm and Cool Colors, Color Order, Primary and Secondary, Tint and Shades Complementary and Analogous color will be explored with a variety of creative activities
This winter we will read about artist Josef Albers and explore the science of color with interactive on line color games, interactions and projects.

Josef Albers' wife, Anni will inspire us to explore weaving and tapestries.  After a virtual visit to view the Unicorn Tapestries student will travel to the middle ages and create their tapestry!

Our ceramics unit will feature pinch pots using the limited color of Ancient Greece. What can you do with just two colors? 

Picasso and Matisse
Using paper mache techniques students will explore color in 3-D using the  Picasso or Matisse as the inspiration.

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Reminder: When does artwork come home?
We keep most of our artwork in classroom portfolios until after the spring artshow. After the art show, all artwork will come home in student made portfoliosso students can share with families and friends the amazing art they createdthis year!