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I look forward to meeting and creating with all our new Kindergarten students this year!  All our projects and live streamed lessons will be on our Kindergarten Art Google Classroom.
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Mrs. Lenz

Students will start the year learning about all kinds of lines: straight lines, curvy lines, dotted lines, happy lines, sad lines, excited lines and more. Using paint, crayons, markers, glue, scissors, clay, and other exploratory materials students will learn how to communicate ideas about themselves and the world around them.  We will learn about the elements of art: Line, Color, Shape, Space, Form, Texture, and Value, as well as famous artists in history and our community. Examples include: Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Vasily Kandinsky, Lousie Nevelson, Alexander Calder, Rene Magritte, Sol LeWitt and more!.

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Literature studies will inspire and promote creative interdisciplinary connections for our Kindergarteners. Below is a list of some of the books we will read in class to inspire our creativity.

Book List and Art Activity Sample for Kindergarten

The Magical Garden Of Claude Monet by Laurence Anholt

Students will view visual images of Monet’s actual garden and paintings.  We compare and contrast photographs from paintings and our book, learned about foreground, middle ground and background in creating a landscape and then we will paint like an impressionist.

Pezzettino by Leo Lionni

Art shape unit lesson where students explore geometry concepts with squares. How many squares fit into a larger square? Students then made their own‘Pezzettino’ animals and environments.

I Spy Shapes in Art by Lucy Micklethwait

Continuing our shape unit we use the ladybug projector to project illustrations to whiteboard for student lead interaction in finding shapes and understanding the use of shape in many famous art works. We will explore 3D Printing, creating our own 3D Shapes to use in our math lesson

How the Sun was Made- Como El Sol Nacio by third grade students in Tucson AZ.

Students used radial design and cultural connections with Mesoamerica to understand patterns using chalk pastels.

Wag a Tail and/or Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
Multi-texture scissors and creativity lessons help students explore composition, shape and texture through these readings.

Sector 7 by David Weisner
This all illustration book explores how we understand what is happening in a story though the power of illustration. Invention and science connections were explored as we viewed cloud shapes and thought about how to ‘invent’ clouds.

Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh
Students learn about mixing the primary colors: red, blue, yellow to create secondary colors: purple, green, orange.

Sandy’s Circus, A story about Alexander Calder by Tanya Lee Stone
Students will about the proportions of the human figure to create ‘Calder clown’ paintings and create fun and playful sculptural art. New vocabulary words include: mobile, stabile, three-dimensional.

Magritte's Marvelous Hat by D.B. Johnson
Students will learn about the surrealist movement in art and use use their imaginations to make a surrealist painting inspired by artist Rene Magritte.