Second Grade

Second Grade
Animals in Art-throughout the 7 continents
From the ancient cave art animals in Europe to the Pop Art giant balloon dog sculpture by artist Jeff Koons, students will explore Animals in Art!

.Students will learn about Artists Statements to connect art with new common core standards in writing, reading and interdisciplinary connections throughout the year.

  Introduction to how artists have depicted animals in art throughout time and places

Animal Report Covers
Using keen observation skills, line and watercolor techniques students will create a cover design for their classroom animal report

Ceramic Slab Unit
Using a circle slab, texture and glaze techniques, students will explore how to create an amazing bird

The Continents
Asia- Sumi Brush Painting
Africa- Animal Masks
North America- Peaceable Kingdom
South America-
Australia- Aboriginal Dot Painting

Where the Wild Things Are
Connecticut author Maurice Sendak helps to inspire to create their own wild things. Students learn about drawing different animals to create their own.  Students' wild things were placed into a painted landscape that included a foreground, middle ground and background. Creating a character story to write about in their art journals finishes this language arts-fine art activity.

Our wild things provide great base knowledge to add to classroom animal report cover designs in January.  What will be your animal?