Second Grade

Second Grade
Animals in Art-The 7 Continents

From the ancient cave art animals in Europe to the Pop Art giant balloon dog sculpture by artist Jeff Koons, students will explore Animals in Art!
Connections to classroom units in Language Arts, Social Studies, and Math will allow students to connect their creativity to whole school learning.

Animal Report Covers
Using keen observation skills, line and watercolor techniques students will create a cover design for their classroom animal report. 

Ceramic Slab Unit
Using geometry, problem solving skills, and a clay slab students will explore how to create an amazing creative ceramic animal. Use of texture and glazing techniques will expand students ceramic skills. 

The Continents
Asia- Sumi Brush Painting
Africa- Animal Mask
North America- Peaceable Kingdom
South America- Colors and Patterns 
Australia- Aboriginal Dot Painting
Antarctic- 3D