Fourth Grade
Fourth Grade
Careers in Art

This year students will learn about artistic processes through the perspective of careers in art.  Examples of careers to be explored include: Graphic Arts, Fine Arts, Architecture, Animation and Cartooning, Set Design.

Students will look to answer essential questions of: Can all people be artists? What conditions, attitudes and behaviors support creativity and innovative thinking?Does collaboration expand the creative process?

September, Careers Introduction
Which career would you choose?

Career- Painter
Artist Inspiration: Childe Hassam

Fourth grade study of pattern, texture and color lead into our fall field trip to the Florence Griswold Museum.  Students studied American Impressionists and painting a landscape. Lessons in elements of a landscape and how to create depth allowed students to explore painting en plein air while at the museum. Connections to Connecticut history and the place our state played in developing the American Impressionist movement fit into both the art and social studies curriculum.

Career- Art in Math and Science


Career- Set Design- Our Snow Day Play

Career-Graphic Design

Career-Architect and Ceramics

Animation and Cartooning