Six Grade

Sixth Grade
Self Expression in Art Using the Elements and Principles of Art

Elements of Art: Line, Color, Value, Texture, Shape, Form, and Space
Principles of Art: 
Balance, Emphasis, Movement, Proportion, Rhythm, Unity, and Variety

By the end of sixth grade students will be able to:


Combine concepts collaboratively to generate innovative ideas for creating art. •

Formulate an artistic investigation of personally relevant content for creating art and reflect on intended meaning. •

Demonstrate openness in problem solving new ideas, approaches, materials, and methods, in making works of art and design and revise accordingly. •

Explain personal responsibility implications of conservation, care, and clean-up of art materials, tools, and equipment. •


Assess, explain, and provide evidence of how museums or other venues reflect history and values of a community. •

Individually or collaboratively, develop a visual plan for displaying works of art, analyzing exhibit space, the needs of the viewer, and the layout of the exhibit. •


Identify and interpret works of art or design that reveal how people live around the world and what they value. •

Develop and apply relevant criteria to evaluate a work of art. •


Analyze how art reflects changing times, traditions, resources, and cultural uses. •

Generate a collection of ideas reflecting current interests and concerns that could be investigated in art-making.