We have just finished a unit called, "Expressions."  Topics of interest in this unit were:


-Writing Algebraic Expressions

-Identifying Parts of an Expression

-Evaluating Expressions

-Equivalent Expressions

In our current unit, "Equations," we are concentrating on the following concepts/topics:

-Solving Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division Equations 

-Using Substitution to Check Solutions

-Analyzing Relationships Between Between Independent and Dependent Variables Using Equations, Tables, Graphs

-Writing and graphing inequalities

Your child will need to access IXL Math from time to time to reinforce math skills.  The link for this website is provided below.

Your child will also need to access a web based resource called LearnZillion in order to preview material the night before it is discussed in class.  The link for this website is provided below.

If you have forgotten your graphic organizer you can download another copy of it by clicking the link below.  If you don't have a printer, you can email it to me after filling it in electronically.

         Graphic organizer for Learn Zillion tutorial videos

Some other helpful math web sites:

         Purple Math

         Khan Academy

         Cool Math


         Math Playground

         XP Math