All About CES Art

Welcome to Chester Elementary School's Art  Room

A Day- 2-S, 3-R, 4-C, 6-E
B Day-3-S, K-C, 6-M
C Day-1-Mac, 4-D, 5-L
D Day-2-M, 1-Mer, K-B,  5-O

8:10-8:35 Broadcast with 6th Grade 
8:40-9:45 IE Integrated Projects 
Late Afternoon- S.T.E.A.M. and Academies 

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Our Chester art program incorporates National Core Art Standards focusing on Creating, Presenting, Responding, and Connecting.  These standards align with the Common Core Standards and 21st Century skills using critical thinking and creative problem solving.

CES art students will be also be learning how real artists find and use inspiration and art practices to connect with their world. Classes will have opportunities for CHOICE DAY art where they will be able to explore and apply learned skills and art concepts. 
This practice called Teaching for Artistic Behavior or Choice Based Art reinforces our district focus on critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Choice−Based Art Education

• allows students to choose topics and materials for exploration

• provides relevant and brief instruction

• covers a broad range of topics in art history, techniques, and materials

• creates a collaborative learning environment

• optimizes students' intrinsic motivation to learn fosters artistic behavior: creativity, innovation, independence, decision making, and problem solving

When does artwork come home? 
We keep most of our artwork in classroom portfolios until after the spring art show. After the art show, all artwork will come home in student made portfolios so students can share with families and friends the amazing art they created this year!

On art days, I ask students to do their best but not to look their best! We love to explore with paint, clay, glue, and while I always have spare smocks in the art room, a large old tee shirt kept in your classroom locker is a great way to keep school clothes clean!

What do students do in art if they 'finish' early? The ZONE Maker Space
All students are encouraged to spend the time needed to finish their art with creativity and success however individual learning styles mean students finish at different times.  Students finishing ahead may use 'The Zone, Maker Space Area' area. In The Zone, students have choices in building, inventing, exploring, reading, drawing, 3D printing, ipad art apps using various concepts learned in class.

Important Dates
October : 4th Grade field trip to the Florence Griswold Museum
December: One Hour of Code
February - March: STEAM Fair and Invention Convention
March: Youth Art Month
May : C.E.S. Arts Festival....Art and Chorus together!

Student Art On Display
C.E.S. Hallways
Region 4 Administration Offices

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
It is a great pleasure to be your child's art teacher!

Thank you,
Mrs. Lenz

C.E.S. Art Teacher
860-526-5797 ext. 3105